Where to Watch UCTV

It is our aim to make UCTV available to everyone, anywhere, at anytime. Take your pick of these many ways to tune in:

Live Webstream

Watch UCTV from anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection.


Broadcasting 24 hours a day, UCTV is available on cable in different markets across the country.


Visit UCTV's YouTube Channel to subscribe, rate and comment on programs, share links with your friends, and more.

Apple Podcasts

Visit us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get our latest content in hundreds of audio and video playlists.


UCTV has a free Roku channel, allowing those with the inexpensive Roku device to stream UCTV programming to their television using a high-speed Internet connection. Additional information for locating and subscribing to UCTV on Roku is available at www.uctv.tv/roku.

Video On-Demand

Thousands of UCTV programs are available for free viewing on our website. Visit our ondemand archive to browse all of our available videos and podcasts.


Download UCTV's free mobile app from Apple's iTunes store and get video and audio versions of the latest programs organized by subject matter and special monthly features. You can also learn more about our iPhone App on our web site.

Links & Resources

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