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In partnership with faculty at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, UCTV presents this curated collection of videos on integrative medicine, featuring evidence-based research showing how a whole-systems healthcare approach protects the mind, body and spirit.
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Ignorance is Not Bliss: The Need for Better Data on Medication Safety in Pregnancy and Breast-feeding
Dr. Chambers is a professor of pediatrics at University of California, San Diego and Director of Clinical Research for the Department of Pediatrics at UCSD and Rady Children's Hospital. She is a perinatal epidemiologist, whose research is focused on environmental exposures in pregnancy and child health outcomes, including birth defects. In this talk she explores the need for better data on medication safety for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Recorded on 11/6/2018.
A Flaw in Modern-Day Alzheimer's Treatment
Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, of the Harvard Medical School describes a fundamental problem with modern-day treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
Gene Expression, Physiology and the Food You Eat
John Fagan, Chief Scientist and CEO of Health Research Institute, discusses the effects of a healthy or poor diet on physiology and gene expression.
Let Food Be Thy Medicine -- Future Thought Leaders
In collaboration with theĀ UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being.
Future Patient: Larry Smarr at the Visualization Wall at Calit2
The full recording of computer scientist Larry Smarr presenting ten years of his personal health data on the Visualization Wall at his institute, Calit2 at UC San Diego. Excerpts from this talk are seen in "Future Patient/Future Doctor" (, featuring Smarr and osteopathic physician Michael Kurisu.
Future Patient/Future Doctor - Larry Smarr, PhD & Michael Kurisu, DO
Computer scientist Larry Smarr and osteopathic physician Michael Kurisu present a vision for healthcare that combines the best of allopathic and osteopathic medicine by using a more personalized, hands-on, systems-based approach to treating patients. They demonstrate this proof of concept with details on how Smarr diagnosed his own Crohn's disease by using blood and stool tests to track changes in his body. And when the symptoms became too severe, Smarr collaborated with his surgeon, Sonia...
Future Doctor: Michael Kurisu, DO
A more detailed look at the osteopathic treatment that Dr. Michael Kurisu provided to computer scientist Larry Smarr, as seen in "Future Patient/Future Doctor" (
"Added Fiber" Foods are Fiber Deficient
Processed foods with "added fiber" are fiber deficient. You can't fix health until you fix the diet. You can't fix the diet until you know what's wrong. Endocrinologist Robert Lustig talks the benefits of a whole food diet, with an emphasis on fiber intake, as opposed to processed foods.
Universal Mental Health Coverage -- UC Global Health Day 2018
Global health researchers from throughout the University of California system convened for the 2018 UC Global Health Day, featuring keynote speaker Vikram Patel of Harvard Medical School addressing the need for universal mental health coverage, followed by commentary from Janis Jenkins of UC San Diego and Bruce Link of UC Riverside. Recorded on 04/22/2018.
Catalyzing Student Advocacy Into Action -- UC Global Health Day 2018
Student advocates from across the UC system join the 2018 UC Global Health Day to describe efforts on their respective campuses to collaborate with faculty, campus global health groups, and each other in support of global health. Current proposed cuts to the global health budget threaten the health of communities both globally and locally. The UCGHI Advocacy Initiative helps ensure student, faculty, and community voices are heard throughout California and in Washington, D.C. by coordinating...
Alternative Medicine for Cyclists: Beyond the Typical Doctor Bag
Understand more about testing and monitoring to optimize performance, including measuring oxygen uptake and heart rate variability. Then see how exercise fits into a health lifestyle. Also find out about nitric oxide to improve performance, especially in endurance sports. Recorded on 03/14/2018.
The Role of "Real World Evidence" and Big Data in Development and Assessment of Therapies with Robert Califf, MD
Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf, MD, talks about his experiences running the FDA for President Obama and how big data is being used in academic and commercial research in this keynote address for the 2018 Translational Science Symposium hosted by UC San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI). Recorded on 04/05/2018.
FoodGate: The Break-in, the Cover-up, and the Aftermath
You can't fix healthcare until you fix health. You can't fix health until you fix the diet. You can't fix the diet until you know what's wrong. Endocrinologist Robert Lustig, Dentist Cristen Kearns and Health Policy Expert Laura Schmidt explore how the US food system is going wrong.
The Healing Self with Deepak Chopra -- 2018 Writer's Symposium By The Sea
Deepak Chopra, MD, a leading pioneer in integrative medicine, shares insights from his new book, "The Healing Self," on how to protect your immune system by managing stress and reducing inflammation two key factors for lifelong wellness. Chopra is presented by the 2018 Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University.
An Evening with Deepak Chopra - 2018 Writer's Symposium By The Sea
Following his presentation to the 2018 Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University, Deepak Chopra, MD talks with host Dean Nelson about breakthroughs in integrative medicine and understanding the mind-body connections that lead to wellness.
The Entanglement of Meditation and Medicine, and What Love’s Got to Do With It with Jon Kabat-Zinn
Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, which teaches participants how to navigate and integrate the challenges and adventures of everyday life. He is also the author of several best-selling books on the topic of mindfulness, including Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are. Recorded on 02/16/2018.
Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking - No More, No More Silence
In her keynote address to the No More, No More Silence conference, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan reports on California's efforts to help victims of human trafficking and to teach others how to protect themselves from potential predators, especially those whom they assume they can trust. She is introduced by Chancellor Pradeep Khosla and Naila Chowdhury, the director of Social Impact and Innovation at UC San Diego. Recorded on 01/17/2018.
Food is Medicine: The Krupp Endowed Fund at UC San Diego
Food is medicine. That insight inspired the late rancher and developer Dick Krupp to endow one of the largest funds of its kind to support integrative nutrition research at UC San Diego. As Gordon Saxe, MD, the director of UCSD's Center for Integrative Nutrition and others explain, the Krupp-funded projects focus on how diet and natural therapeutics can help reduce or cure common health problems. Among the projects featured feeding cancer patients congee, a grain-based porridge to ease the...
Seafood: Our Narrow Scope of What to Purchase
Nationally prominent chefs, fishermen, academics, and activists call on consumers to choose local species of fish when possible to protect the longterm vitality of harvested seafood and the wellbeing of the oceans. Tommy Gomes, fishmonger, speaks on the marketing and perceptions of seafood.
Plant Sources of Omega-3
Vicky Newman, a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist shares dietary guidelines for Omega-3 fatty acid intake, particularly for a vegetarian diet. From flaxseeds, walnuts, avocados and spinach learn what plant sources can fulfill recommended omega-3 fatty acid requirements.
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