How To Manage Obesity

7/8/2023; 59 minutes

Having a skilled primary care clinician will go a long way to maintaining your health and wellness. Join Dr. Diana Thiara as she explores weight loss and healthy living. From understanding the basics of BMI to the complexities of various weight loss methods, Dr. Thiara's insights will guide you through a comprehensive journey. Whether you're looking to shed some pounds, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or simply broaden your knowledge, her expertise covers dietary choices, surgical options, exercise routines, and even mental well-being. You'll also learn about personalized weight loss plans, the impact of genetics on weight, and how to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Drawing on her extensive experience and backed by the latest scientific research, Dr. Thiara offers a fresh and approachable perspective on weight management. Recorded on 03/22/2023. (#38795)

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