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The Healing Self with Deepak Chopra -- Writer's Symposium By The Sea 2018
Deepak Chopra, MD, a leading pioneer in integrative medicine, shares insights from his new book, "The Healing Self," on how to protect your immune system by managing stress and reducing inflammation two key factors for lifelong wellness. Chopra is presented by the 2018 Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University.
An Evening with Deepak Chopra - Writer's Symposium By The Sea 2018
Following his presentation to the 2018 Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University, Deepak Chopra, MD talks with host Dean Nelson about breakthroughs in integrative medicine and understanding the mind-body connections that lead to wellness.
Food is Medicine: The Krupp Endowed Fund at UC San Diego
Food is medicine. That insight inspired the late rancher and developer Dick Krupp to endow one of the largest funds of its kind to support integrative nutrition research at UC San Diego. As Gordon Saxe, MD, the director of UCSD's Center for Integrative Nutrition and others explain, the Krupp-funded projects focus on how diet and natural therapeutics can help reduce or cure common health problems. Among the projects featured feeding cancer patients congee, a grain-based porridge to ease the...
Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs For Your Child's Developing Immune System with Rob Knight
In discussing his new book, "Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs For Your Child's Developing Immune System," author and UC San Diego Professor of Pediatrics and Computer Science & Engineering Rob Knight explains how the microbiome works and offers guidance for parents on boosting their children's health. Knight is presented by the Library Channel at UC San Diego. Recorded on 10/24/2017.
Models Of / Models For Integrative & Whole Systems Research
Key presentations on research models in integrative medicine feature the use of functional MRI to track changes in the brain during meditation; measuring the effect of intense meditation retreats on the telomeres of participants; and the coevolution of traditional medicine and modern biomedical research. Speakers Thomas Liu of UC San Diego and Clifford Saron of UC Davis joined James Nettles of Emory University as part of the Tibetan Medicine Conference on Mind-Body Health held at Harvard in...
Tibetan Medicine's Place in Integrative and Whole Systems Medical Practice - Part 2
This presentation continues the conversation on the value of Tibetan medicine in treating chronic diseases, optimizing clinical outcomes and improving mind-body-spirt wellbeing. Alejandro Chaoul of the Integrative Medicine Program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center joins scholar Mona Schrempf and anthropologist Tatiana Chudakova of Tufts University as part of the Tibetan Medicine Conference on Mind-Body Health held at Harvard in October, 2017. Recorded on 10/06/2017.
Models Of / Models For Integrative & Whole Systems Research -- Part 2
Can (Martin) Zhang of Harvard Medical School leads off the panel with a detailed discussion of factors leading to Alzheimer's disease and the potential benefits of curcumin in treatment. He is followed by Rinchen Dhondrup of Qinghai University, who presents on treating chronic atrophic gastritis and Chenchen Wang of Tufts University who explains her work using Tibetan medicines and Tai Chi to treat rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases as part of the Tibetan Medicine...
Yoga as Therapy with Erik Groessl and Paul J. Mills -- UC Wellbeing Channel
Clinical psychologist Erik Groessl talks about research showing the value of yoga in reducing pain, improving physical function and overcoming opioid addiction in military veterans, among other patients, in this conversation with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego.
The Appeal of Osteopathic Medicine with Hollis King, DO; Michael Kurisu, DO; and Paul J. Mills — UC Wellbeing Channel
Hollis King and Michael Kurisu, both osteopathic physicians (DO's) at UC San Diego, describe how osteopathy is a hands-on medical treatment that focuses on the structure and function of the whole body, not just symptoms of disease or pain. As they explain to host Paul J. Mills, doctors of osteopathy learn the same curriculum as traditional medical students, but they approach their patients with a more integrative philosophy of healthcare.
Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrative Oncology with Daniel Vicario, MD and Paul J. Mills — UC Wellbeing Channel
Medical oncologist Daniel Vicario, co-founder of the San Diego Cancer Center, talks about his pioneering research in integrating Western medicine with ancient healing techniques as he develops comprehensive treatment plans for his patients. In this conversation with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego, Dr. Vicario gives examples of treatments that have led to a decrease in symptoms, fewer doctor visits and a higher quality of life for those who are responsive to holistic cancer care. Recorded on...
Non-Duality and the Nature of Experience with Rupert Spira and Paul J. Mills -- UC Wellbeing Channel
Rupert Spira, author of "The Transparency of Things," speaks here with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego about the concept of non-duality, or advaita. They explore the idea that there is no separation between the self and the universe -- and how understanding this basic truth will lead to greater wellbeing.
Integrative Studies and Open Access with Ryan Castle -- Sages & Scientists 2016
ISHAR promotes interdisciplinary collaboration by offering an open access platform where everyone can share their studies and research. Ryan Castle explains how it gives researchers, practitioners and volunteers a space to work together to brainstorm and share the work in integrative studies. Recorded on 09/10/2016.
The Atlas of Emotions with Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Eve Ekman
For the past several years, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Research Fellow Dr. Eve Ekman has been collaborating with her father, Dr. Paul Ekman, and the Dalai Lama on their "Atlas of Emotions" project, based on a survey of 248 leading emotion researchers and their consensus about five universal emotions: enjoyment, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear. The Drs. Ekman present their findings on this groundbreaking project.
Gratitude and Wellbeing in Military Veterans with Paul J. Mills -- The UC Wellbeing Channel
Paul J. Mills, the director of the Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine, speaks to military veterans about the positive impacts of being thankful in everyday life. Among the benefits -- successful aging, better sleep, stress reduction, and a drop in depression, anxiety and fatigue.
Technology and Wellness - Sages & Scientists 2016
The Sages & Scientists Symposium presents a panel of experts led by Poonacha Machaiah, co-founder of Jiyo, in a discussion on how technology can improve wellness. Machaiah appears as a HumaGram, demonstratiing a new technology for participating in live events from remote locations. Other guests include James Mault, MD of Qualcomm Life, Paddy Barrett of Scripps Translational Science Institute, Paul Duffy of ARHT Media, Moira Burke of Facebook, Simon Leung of NetDragon, Sridhar Solur of...
Maximizing Human Potential Through Brain Health with Jonathan Rosand, MD -- Sages & Scientists Symposium 2016
Dr. Jonathan Rosand of Harvard Medical School presents a case study of his patient David Shaw, who suffered from viral encephalitis, and how he used integrative medicine, in conjunction with traditional medicine, to heal Shaw. Among the components in Rosand's personalized approach, encouraging patients to be more grateful and joyous. Rosand follows with a presentation on latest research on brain health. Recorded on 09/11/2016.
Wellbeing -- Health, Microbiome, Biofield -- Sages & Scientists Symposium 2016
The Sages & Scientists Symposium presents "Health Science" with William Mobley, MD, Chair of the UC San Diego Dept. of Neuroscience; "The Microbiome and Health" with Rob Knight, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics at the UC San Diego School of Medicine; and "Biofield" with Shamini Jain, PhD, Asst. Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego. Recorded on 09/10/2016.
Genetics, Epigenetics & Neuroscience -- Sages & Scientists Symposium 2016
The Sages & Scientists Symposium presents "Genetics, Epigenetics, and Neuroscience" with Deepak Chopra, MD, of UC San Diego School of Medicine; and Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, Professor of Neurology at Harvard University and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. Joining them is Jonathan Rosand, also a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Recorded on 09/10/2016.
Creativity & Infinite Possibility with Leonard Mlodinow & Guests -- Sages & Scientists Symposium 2016
The Sages and Scientists Symposium presents a panel of experts led by physicist and popular science author Leonard Mlodinow exploring how creativity in music and the arts leads to wellbeing. Recorded on 09/11/2016.
Tea or Coffee?
Dr. Mimi Guarneri compares two commonly caffeinated beverages, stressing the importance of buying organic coffee beans and highlighting the numerous health benefits several cups of tea a day could bring.
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