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Wednesday October 18, 2017

Mike Falzone had two near-death experiences within a two week period, during which he was also fired from his job because of his illness. On the ride home from the hospital, he vowed that he would never work for anyone else, ever again. Since that day, Mike has written a best-selling book, toured nationally as a musician and has launched himself as a YouTube star, with over 20 million video views. Mike discusses how he found the intersection between what he loves to do (music and comedy) and things he can do to make money. His story is an inspiration to anyone wondering how they can leverage their passions into a career. Recorded on 02/21/2017.

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Preparing For Life After Incarceration with Nicholas Alexander -- In the Arena with Jonathan Stein -- UC Public Policy Channel 8:00 PM
Research and Action that Goes Beyond the University: The 27th Annual Urban Expo 8:30 PM
Resilient Cities: A Conversation with Judith Rodin 9:00 PM
The Power of Public Investment: Improving Our Economy, Our Climate and Our Future with John Chiang, State Treasurer of California 10:00 PM
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