Who We Live With.

We share the planet with a vast world of miniscule and majestic individuals, communities, and ecosystems. UC researchers strive to unlock the mysteries of the wild plants, animals, and processes that sustain life.

Join Sustainable California in visiting our state’s natural laboratories, seeing creatures that live nowhere else on earth, and helping to secure their place in the future.

Date: 5/5/2017
Introducing Sustainable California - where you connect with your University and the real-world solutions it is providing to maintain the sustainability and vitality of our state. Become part of real-world solutions so together we can meet the 21st century challenges of global climate change while maintaining California's unique biodiversity and sustaining the human and environmental health of California.

Date: 5/5/2017
Researchers from UC Berkeley's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) have developed an innovative remote sensing network to provide real-time assessment of California snow pack in order to better manage water supplies for a variety of users.