Water's Signature
Learn more about isotopic water signatures to understand groundwater.
Improving Freshwater Supply and Quality
Better ways to capture runoff and use it to increase groundwater quantity & quality.
Knowing Our Water
Experiential training in California water management.
Water in the Balance
Gain a better understanding of the sources of California's water.
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Welcome to The Sustainable California Channel.
The University of California is a leader in creating solutions for sustainability for our state and beyond, guiding and balancing development and biodiversity through the challenges of the 21st Century. We invite you to come to class with UC professors and visit our natural laboratories, both near and remote. Our campuses are microcosms as we teach the next generation to live with a lower impact through gardens, transportation, and architecture. Come and envision a future for California to creatively persist, thriving with biological and cultural diversity, well-managed natural resources, and low-impact living.

Formed in the midst of one of the state’s most challenging droughts, UC Water brings the power of the UC to bear on whole system water management challenges. As a network of water researchers across the state, UC Water investigates and shares insights on California’s biggest water challenges and opportunities: information, institutions, and infrastructure.
The University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources is the bridge between local issues and the power of UC Research. ANR's advisors, specialists and faculty bring practical, science-based answers to Californians. ANR works to enhance agricultural innovation and address environmental concerns so that California can remain a productive and rich place for generations to come.
The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and the Banatao Institute create information technology solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. The institute was created by the California state legislature to shorten the pipeline between world-class laboratory research and the development of applications, platforms, companies, and even new industries. CITRIS innovations help to connect communities and to develop sustainable infrastructures.
The School of Engineering at UC Merced is a driver of technology and innovation in water-use efficiency, solar power, and entrepreneurship. With diverse and inventive faculty, SOE aims to change the region and the world through its research and through those it educates and serves.
The Sierra Nevada Research Institute is at the core of UC Merced’s programs in sustainability and basic and applied research. Perfectly situated near three national parks in the Sierra Nevada, the vast plant diversity of vernal pools, and the expansive Central Valley, the research institute brings together faculty to study and to educate on the importance of our biodiversity and natural resources.
Before there was a physical campus, UC Merced has been green, from the first designs and plans, the campus has always embodied the word “sustainability.”
Sustainable California is also made possible through generous support from:

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