The Immune System in Regenerative Medicine: Friend or Foe To Stem Cells? - Breaking News in Stem Cells

8/21/2021; 57 minutes

Dr. Elisseeff is a leading expert in the field of tissue engineering. She directs the Translational Tissue Engineering Center where she and her team of scientists study stem cells, develop new biomaterials, and design new technologies for regenerative medicine. The goal of her lab is to engineer technologies to repair lost tissues. Specifically, Elisseeff's lab examines hydrogels as a scaffold for tissue engineering. Hydrogels are ideal due to their high water content for nutrient and waste transport, and their ability to encapsulate cells and to implant in a minimally invasive manner. The lab is currently focused on developing synthetic-biological hydrogels with highly controlled physical properties and biological function. The discovery of human embryonic stem cells has created the possibility to regenerate any tissue from a single, totipotent cell population. (#37017)


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