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Supporting Your Child's Writing Skills
How can you supplement your child's learning at home? Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi talk about ways to practice writing skills with games, journaling and more.
Supporting Your Child's Math Skills
How can you supplement your child's learning at home? Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi talk about simple ways you can build math skills into everyday activities.
Supporting Your Child's Reading Skills
How can you supplement your child's learning at home? Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi talk about simple ways you can encourage a love of reading while nurturing comprehension skills.
Advice for Parents Part 1: The College Application Process
The college admissions process can be overwhelming for high school students. Steven Mercer, EdD offers advice on how parents can help their soon to be grads effectively navigate the paperwork, feelings, challenges, and expectations.
Creating Simple Projects and Adventures for Your Child
Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi share how to turn your child's interests into opportunities for learning. From DIY kits to asking questions, there are many ways to engage your child with simple projects around your home and neighborhood.
Rethinking the College Admissions Process
How can we make the college admission process more student focused? From filling out FAFSA forms to demystifying the application reviews, so much can be done to help students achieve their higher education goals. Angel B Pérez, PhD, CEO of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), shares his perspectives on the opportunities for change, support, and growth.
Careers and Kids: Helping Them Explore the World of Work
It is never too early - or too late - to talk to your child about potential careers. Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Asssisi share how to help K-12 students see all the possibilities available and how to incorporate exposure to new career paths in day to day activities.
Helping Kids Understand Social Distancing Practices
Social distancing is not something kids are used to. How can we help them understand why it is important and how to visualize staying 6 feet apart? Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi share tips to help K-12 kids follow safety protocols while still connecting with friends and family.
Making the Most of a Gap Year
Fall of 2020 is full of uncertainty. Many college students are considering taking a gap year. Though it may sound like just a year away from the classroom, through thoughtful planning, students can find many experiential learning opportunities. Find out how gap year programs are operating during COVID-19, how to find programs that fit your needs, and hear from a current gap year student.
Reading With Your Kids
Reading with kids helps them build vocabulary, curiosity, and so much more. Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi share strategies to help kids engage with books, activate their critical thinking skills, and develop a lifelong love of learning. Recorded on 06/11/2020.
Road Trip Hacks
Are you thinking of loading up the family truckster and heading out on a summer road trip? Educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi have some tips and tricks to make your vacation a success. From fun road games to the best apps, learn how to prep and plan for life on the open road with kids.
Access, Equity and Integrity in College Admissions
The process of applying to college can be daunting. How can students get the support they need and access to the schools they want to attend? Common App aims to help simplify the process and even the playing field for all students. Scott Anderson discusses how Common App works, what the landscape of student and counselor support looks like during the pandemic, public policy, and more.
What to Do During the Summer Break: Structure for Learning and Space for Fun
Summer is here and school is out. With normal summertime activities on hold during the pandemic, what can parents do to support learning and enrichment? Nicole Assisi and Shelli Kurth, both educators and parents, discuss the benefits of structure and free form summer activities, creative ways to engage your children, how to encourage reading, and much more.
Connecting with Kids: Activities to Spark Communication, Imagination, and Fun - Part 3
How do you get your kids talking? Educators Kris Lambert and Teri Gabler share everyday ways parents can engage kids in conversations. Learn how to communicate in ways that encourage strategic and creative thinking.
The UC Application and Admission Process During COVID-19
With campuses closed due to COVID-19, the usual process of college admissions has been disrupted. Lisa Prsekop, director of admissions at UC Santa Barbara shares the creative ways universities are connecting with admitted students such as virtual tours and outreach. She also gives insight into the application review process and how the new rules about standardized test requirements impact students.
Parenting in a Pandemic: We Answer Your Questions
From setting ground rules to preschoolers on Zoom calls, educators Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi answer viewers questions about parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Discovery Charter School: Virtual STEAM Night 2019-2020
Students, teachers, and administrators from Discovery Charter School talk about their experiences with STEAM education and share STEAM inspired projects,
The Test Optional Movement: Should Colleges Require Standardized Test Scores?
Should standardized testing be a part of the college admissions process? Akil Bello of The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) discusses the test optional movement and breaks down the problems and impacts of standardized testing.
Connecting with Kids: Activities to Spark Communication, Imagination, and Fun - Part 2
Kris Lambert and Teri Gabler share effective and approachable ways to model kindness to help kids connect with their community.
The Shifting Landscape of College Enrollment During COVID-19
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, uncertainty about college admissions and attendance is a source of anxiety for students, parents, and schools. Matt Ward, Vice President for Enrollment Management at California Lutheran University, gives insight into what fall 2020 may look like for college freshmen, how recruitment is changing, flexibility in financial packages and more.
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