Into the Impossible
A podcast of stories, ideas, and speculations from the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, Into the Impossible shares conversations with visionaries from the worlds of arts, sciences, humanities, engineering, and medicine.
The Origins of Life and the Work of Primo Levi - Into the Impossible (Audio Podcast)
Primo Levi was deeply interested in the fascinating mystery of the origin of life. Starting from Primo Levi's writings, Scripps Research Institute's Luca Legnani discusses some answers that modern chemists are giving to the questions raised by Levi. Recorded on 06/28/2019.
Additive Rocket Corporation - Into the Impossible (Audio Podcast)
The Additive Rocket Corporation utilizes state of the art metal additive manufacturing techniques coupled with advanced design and test processes to create thrust chambers for the space market. The company's revolutionary methods allow for the design and production of specifically tailored and mission specific propulsion solutions. CSO Reiley Weekes and CTO Kyle Adriany share more about their unique company and goals. Recorded on 06/28/2019.
Julian Guthrie Discusses Alpha Girls - Into the Impossible (Audio Podcast)
Professor Brian Keating interviews author Julian Guthrie about her latest book,Alpha Girls. Guthrie details how women have found success in venture capital in Silicon Valley and also shares her personal journey as a writer. Recorded on 06/03/2019.

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