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Lord Martin Rees on the challenges of the future.
Premiere Date: 3/9/2016 Hits/Views: 23,361
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How climate may have shaped human evolution.
Premiere Date: 7/20/2015 Hits/Views: 226,320
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Introductory background on climate and evolution.
Premiere Date: 7/17/2015 Hits/Views: 27,521
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Arctic sea ice retreat and contemporary climate.
Premiere Date: 7/17/2015 Hits/Views: 25,732
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Questions and answers on climate and evolution.
Premiere Date: 7/17/2015 Hits/Views: 41,768
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Premiere Date: 10/3/2014 Hits/Views: 5,942
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NASA's space program past, present and future.
Premiere Date: 8/14/2013 Hits/Views: 838,038
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Scientist makes an important climate change discovery.
Premiere Date: 2/4/2013 Hits/Views: 12,676
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Coordinated responses to global environmental challenges.
Premiere Date: 6/9/2008 Hits/Views: 119,944
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Continuous and comprehensive picture of the Earth.
Premiere Date: 3/7/2005 Hits/Views: 1,309

Understanding the northern lights
Premiere Date: 5/8/2002 Hits/Views: 8,615

Pursuing a climate change solution.
Hits/Views: 7,318
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