Water Policy & the Drought: Balancing Competing Interests to Stay Afloat -- UC Public Policy Channel

11/9/2015; 53 minutes

Scientists agree that California's droughts are cyclical and appear to be growing worse. While some technologies have been developed to address shortages, water policy remains a divisive issue in the Golden State, and not necessarily along traditional Republican-Democratic party lines. Instead, the splits are evident between agricultural and urban industries, the Central Valley and coastal communities, and environmentalists and fracking proponents, among others. Join moderator Dick Beahrs, State Water Resources Control Board Chair Felicia Marcus, former US Representative Mel Levine and David Sedlak, director of the Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley for a timely discussion on finding bipartisan solutions to ensure a sustainable water supply in California. Presented by the Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Recorded on 10/03/2015. (#30123)

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