The Demarcation Problem for Philosophy

7/26/2022; 115 minutes

Philosophy almost alone among disciplines appears to lack a distinctive subject matter. The world has chemical, biological and political aspects, but no philosophical aspects. If subject matter does have a role to play here, it's to do less with the field's descriptive ambitions than the genealogy of philosophical problems. MIT's professor of philosophy's Stephen Yablo's interests are wide-ranging, from metaphysics, philosophical logic and epistemology, to the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mathematics. A prolific writer, Yablo is the author of a two-volume collection of papers called Thoughts: Papers on Mind, Meaning, and Modality (2009) and Things: Papers on Objects, Events, and Properties (2010). His most recent book, Aboutness (2014), attempts to make topic an equal partner in meaning with truth-conditions, applying meanings so conceived to knowledge, logic, ontology, discourse theory, and philosophical methodology. Recorded on 04/27/2022. (#37732)

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