Reducing Unevenness: An Appeal for Horizontal Thinking

3/7/2014; 10 minutes

Solving issues of inequity is less about new forms, but a redistribution where utility, appositeness, and reciprocality is more important than the newest. Our research communication system is organized linearly. New and original is valued over diffusion and utility, and access is gated. This system also affects how and what we research as well as how we write. Digital media has the potential to add a lateral dimension; they can be used to explore how technologies help us change our research practices, reformulate how and what we know, and adopt modes of writing and communicating beyond the text. They also help foster new partnerships between the humanities and other divisions, as well as collaboration with individuals and institutions beyond the university. Furthermore, digital media will help us communicate with various publics, well beyond typical scholarly communities. (#27974)

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