Ready for Election Day? - Election 2020: UC Berkeley Big Ideas

11/2/2020; 113 minutes

What should we expect on election day? What should we look for in the early results and how long will it take before we know who won the Presidential race, the US Senate and all of California's ballot measures? What should we do – besides vote – to help ensure that every vote is counted and that the democratic process works as it should? How has the election impacted immigrant populations and the process of naturalization? What is happening in Arizona right now? These questions and more are taken up today in our Pre-Election Day preview. The election ends on November 2nd, but the fight to determine who governs and how is about to begin. So start rolling that 10-sided dice, stay hydrated, make yourself a plan for election day, and get prepared to defend our democracy. Recorded on 11/02/2020. (#36291)

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