Neurodiversity in Literature: Towards Authentic Representation - Autism Tree Project Foundation Global Neurodiversity Conference 2023

11/27/2023; 49 minutes

Join a captivating discussion where diverse voices, including neurodiverse speakers, take the stage to advocate for representation in literature and media. Explore the power of authentic storytelling and the impact of inclusive characters in shaping our understanding and empathy. This panel dives deep into the importance of diverse narratives, offering a compelling view on fostering connection and understanding through the art of storytelling.


Michael Levy, M.D., Ph.D.
UC San Diego

Otto Lana
Neurodiverse Self-Advocate & Multi-Modality Communicator

Bella Santoyo
Neurodiverse Self-Advocate & Multi-Modality Communicator

William Del Rosario
Neurodiverse Self-Advocate & Multi-Modality Communicator

Angie Kim
Author, "Happiness Falls"

Janelle Brown
Author, "Pretty Things" Recorded on 11/03/2023.

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