Lyn Hejinian - Lunch Poems

5/13/2013; 28 minutes

Lyn Hejinian is the author of numerous books, including most recently The Book of a Thousand Eyes and The Wide Road, written in collaboration with Carla Harryman. In fall 2012, Wesleyan University Press published A Guide to Poetics Journal: Writing in the Expanded Field 1982-1998, an anthology of works on key issues in poetics first published in Poetics Journal, co-edited by Hejinian and Barrett Watten. And in fall 2013 Wesleyan will republish her best-known book, My Life, in an edition that will include her related work, My Life in the Nineties. In addition to literary writing, editing, and translating, she has in recent years been involved in anti-privatization activism at the University of California, Berkeley, where she teaches. (#24350)

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