Gulabi Gang Director Nishtha Jain
Date: 7/4/2019; 43 minutes
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Director Nishtha Jain joins UCSB's Bishnupriya Ghosh (English and Global Studies) for a post-screening discussion of her 2012 film Gulabi Gang. The conversation includes Jain's early career as a documentary filmmaker, the film's examination of violence against women in India both as a result of the dowry system and a general social devaluation of women, and how she worked with Gulabi Gang leader Sampat Pal on location with individuals that were sometimes reluctant to speak on their own behalf or who felt conflicting familial loyalties. Jain addresses the film's unusual three-part structure and her desire to let the complexities of the film's subject shape the structure, rather than the reverse. Recorded on 05/07/2019. (#34844)

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