Debunking Deepfakes: Unmasking Digital Deceptions with Hany Farid

9/5/2023; 28 minutes

TecHype is a groundbreaking series that cuts through the hype around emerging technologies to get to what matters. Each episode debunks misunderstandings around emerging tech, provides insight into benefits and risks, and identifies technical and policy strategies to harness the benefits while mitigating the risks of emerging technologies. This episode of TecHype features Prof. Hany Farid from UC Berkeley, a world-renowned expert in the analysis of digitally manipulated images. We take a deep dive into determining what a 'deepfake' is and explore how these AI-generated images, videos, and audio can be used for both amusing and alarming purposes.
Farid highlights the increasing prevalence of deepfakes and their impact on society. From revolutionizing the entertainment industry, bolstering creativity, and championing advocacy campaigns to their use in impersonating public figures in ways that manipulate elections or personal contacts to commit fraud. The episode concludes with a discussion of targeted strategies that can be pursued to keep you safe from harmful deepfakes, such as digital watermarking and detection tools.

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