CARTA: A Multistep Evolutionary Scenario for the Culturalization of the Human Body with Francesco d'Errico

2/19/2024; 15 minutes

Our ability to adapt our bodies to culture has ancient origins. We suggest a timeline for how the culturalization of the human body evolved, starting around 500-300 thousand years ago. This timeline highlights key moments at 140 thousand years, 70 thousand years, and 45 thousand years, followed by a faster pace linked to the rise of production economies. The underlying idea is a gradual growth in the complexity of technologies shaping the body, along with increased time and effort invested in obtaining and transforming necessary materials. Simultaneously, the development of symbolic codes required the creation of specific cognitive functions and neural circuits, allowing for the decoding of intricate messages conveyed by these cultural practices. These practices likely became more intricate in terms of techniques, symbolic codes, and the involvement of specialized individuals over time to ensure their continuation and potential further development. (#39466)

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