Brian Baumgart, Founder and CEO, Gradient X

3/31/2014; 58 minutes

Brian Baumgart has 14-years of executive and start-up experience in the digital advertising and technology industry and has developed a track record for building high-growth, profitable and innovative organizations. For the seven years prior to founding Gradient X, Brian was one of the first 10 employees, and served on the executive team at Adconion Media Group. During his tenure, the company achieved explosive growth, expanding to over 26 offices in 18 countries. He most recently served there as chief strategy officer of Adconion Direct, one of the largest global providers of multi-channel digital advertising solutions. Previously he was Vice president of Business Development at Fastclick, Inc. (now ValueClick, Inc.) where, as part of the executive team, he played a key role in the company's ability to secure $70 million in funding and complete a successful NASDAQ IPO, before being acquired by Value Click, Inc. (#27771)

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