“Brave Miss World” Discussion

7/7/2014; 36 minutes

Miss Israel Linor Abargil was abducted, stabbed, and raped in Milan, Italy at age 18. She won the Miss World competition only six weeks later. The new documentary, "Brave Miss World" follows her from the rape, to her crowning and through to her crusade to fight for justice for victims of rape. Panelists: "Brave Miss World" Director Cecilia Peck; Jill Dunlap, Director of Campus Advocacy Resources & Education & Women's Center Programs at UCSB; Cassie Pasquariello, UCSB Counseling and UCSB Psychological Services; Elisa Bonora, Co-Producer/ Additional Editor of the documentary. Constance Penley, Co-Director of the Carsey-Wolf Center, moderates. Recorded on 05/15/2014. (#28369)

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