Borders as Extraordinary Opportunities for Security and Trade: Technology Assisting Diplomacy - Exploring Ethics

5/4/2017; 59 minutes

"Diplomacy" and "ethics" are words that describe complex interactions that are aspects of nation-to-nation relationships like that of the US and Mexico as well as other countries. Technology and the sciences play into this complexity as tools. By showing how solutions can be achieved and acting as teaching and mentoring examples for students and First Responders, we can help nurture real solutions forward even during times of conflict rhetoric and natural disasters. Actually seeking to help in diplomacy with preparing for and responding to natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, and disease can build remarkable friendships and shared dependence and resilience. Eric G. Frost, Director of the Viz Center and Homeland Security Graduate Program at San Diego State University, shares examples of how this is being done and how it might be applied to current global challenges and opportunities. (#31835)

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