Basic and Translational Studies of Global Infectious Pathogens - UCSF Global Health Research Symposium

3/17/2014; 55 minutes

Among the most important global causes of disease are infectious parasites, including unicellular protozoans and multicellular helminths (worms), which are responsible for billions of illnesses and millions of deaths each year. This panel discusses a sampling of basic and translational research at UCSF on parasitic diseases. Maggie Feeney discusses studies of immune responses of children to malaria, including laboratory studies in Uganda and at UCSF. De'Broski Herbert discusses laboratory studies of human immune responses
against worm infections. Joe DeRisi discusses basic research toward the development of new drugs to treat malaria. Phil Rosenthal, Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases UCSF, moderates. Recorded on 01/27/2014.

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