Appetite for Organic Foods Brings Big Opportunities - John Foraker, Chairman of the Bunny, Annie's Inc.

12/4/2017; 58 minutes

With more than 20 years of natural and organic business experience and a sharp focus on sustainability and social responsibility, UC Davis alumnus John Foraker was the long-time president of Annie's, Inc., a leader in organic and natural foods. He transitioned into a new role as Chairman of the Bunny, where he will continue to work with General Mills (which acquired Annie's under its stock symbol "BNNY") and the Annie's Operating Unit to drive leadership in company culture, organic and regenerative agriculture, and strategy support.
He's also CEO and co-founder, with A-list celebrity Jennifer Garner, of a new organic baby food startup - Once Upon a Farm. Recorded on 10/04/2017.

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