Life After The Fall - Storytelling from Iraq

7/17/2018; 38 minutes

Novelist Sinaan Antoon and journalist Leila Fadel join UCSB's Mona Damluji for a post-screening discussion of Kasim Abid's 2008 film Life After the Fall. They discuss the difficulties of living and working in U.S.-occupied Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the decline of security and safety, loyalties-of-necessity to one's particular neighborhood in the power vacuum that ensued, and the complications and sometimes harrowing difficulties of everyday life. At issue in particular is each guest's struggle to tell stories about Iraq that felt honest, empathetic, and adequate when most narrativization of Iraq at the time tended to feel too superficial (U.S. media coverage), too insular (stories from inside the Green Zone), too nostalgic (for a functional Iraq, if one under dictatorship), or too limited in scale (to the scope of whatever groups, such as families or friends, that were intimate enough to permit trust).
Recorded on 05/10/2018.

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