Esports and Gaming Futures

7/9/2018; 52 minutes

This Q&A features Dave Stewart, Executive Producer for the North American League of Legends LCS, moderated by Alexander Champlin (Film & Media Studies, UCSB). Their conversation covers the growth of the esports industry and the work of producing videogame competitions. Stewart discusses the growing esports scene in Los Angeles, the global scale of these competitions, and draws comparisons between traditional sports and gaming competitions. Stewart began his career as a writer for cable sports broadcasts before joining Riot Games to direct the NALCS, and brings insights about the way esports and traditional sports programing intersect. He discusses his work on one of the largest and most successful esports franchises, the growing appeal of esports, the fans who consume this media, and the places where this industry is gaining the most traction.
Recorded on 05/03/2018.

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