20 Million People Newly Insured, 87,000 Lives Saved: Public Policy During Pivotal Times in Healthcare with Rick Kronick (The Pulse Audio)

7/1/2016; 42 minutes

"What do you want to be doing in five years?" That's the question Rick Kronick's wife posed to him in 1987, five years before he would fulfill his dream and join the Clinton administration in tackling health care finance reform. Reform itself took much longer to effect, but after a series of career twists and turns, including more than 25 years as a UC San Diego professor, he was appointed by President Obama to help implement the Affordable Care Act. "I can't imagine a more exciting way to spend my time," Kronick says about his three-year stint as deputy assistant secretary within the Department of Health and Human Services. Listen in as he talks about his experiences in Washington, DC, including his two-and-a-half year role as Director of the federal agency dedicated to healthcare safety in hospitals, the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality. (#31136)

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