UCSF Medical Mysteries: Inside the Mind of Great Physicians

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The work of a medical examiner.
Date: 7/11/2014 Hits/Views: 174,500
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Inside the mind of a dermatologist
Date: 7/7/2014 Hits/Views: 335,560
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How various medical imaging examinations work.
Date: 7/1/2014 Hits/Views: 443,168
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Diagnosing infection in the ill returning traveler.
Date: 6/30/2014 Hits/Views: 119,820
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Toxicology testing that solved forensic cases.
Date: 6/24/2014 Hits/Views: 202,460
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Controlling outbreaks and infectious diseases.
Date: 2/10/2014 Hits/Views: 71,926
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Putting together the multiple pieces of a clinical puzzle.
Date: 2/3/2014 Hits/Views: 494,420
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Clues in the diagnosis of poisoning.
Date: 1/27/2014 Hits/Views: 105,951
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Neurologic examination is a vital diagnostic tool.
Date: 1/20/2014 Hits/Views: 912,105
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How doctors arrive at clinical conclusions in a hurry.
Date: 1/13/2014 Hits/Views: 205,837
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When muscles, tendons and ligaments turn to bone.
Date: 1/6/2014 Hits/Views: 85,870
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