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Standards for Grade(s): k-12

Children's mental health for parents and professionals.
Date: 4/26/2010 Hits/Views: 209,962
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Standards for Grade(s): 6-12

Interviews with Bruin coaches, student-athletes & staff.
Date: 5/14/2012 Hits/Views: 10,417
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Paradigm to evaluate alternative medicine treatments
Date: 5/5/2010 Hits/Views: 116,154
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Effects of the agricultural industrial complex.
Date: 2/23/2009 Hits/Views: 346,559
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Standards for Grade(s): 9-12

How to use good science to shape public policy.
Date: 11/17/2008 Hits/Views: 31,743
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Oil Independence, Thermoelectrics, Zero Energy Home
Date: 2/2/2009 Hits/Views: 212,655
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In Defense of Food with Michael Pollan
Date: 5/12/2008 Hits/Views: 642,203
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The concerns of modern youth play out in dramatic scenes.
Date: 5/3/2010 Hits/Views: 13,025
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The ecology of eating in the 21st century.
Date: 2/12/2007 Hits/Views: 223,824
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George C. Halvorson on health care reform.
Date: 9/20/2010 Hits/Views: 84,421
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Coping with stress in our busy lives.
Date: 6/1/2009 Hits/Views: 489,513
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The biology of the breast and environmental hazards.
Date: 2/24/2011 Hits/Views: 64,217
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Food wars or food peace?
Date: 7/7/2008 Hits/Views: 167,170
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