Redeeming the Soul of America: Racial and LGBTQ Justice with Father Bryan Massingale

12/22/2023; 88 minutes

Theologian and social activist Father Bryan Massingale, professor of theology and social ethics at Fordham University, is an outspoken voice for anti-racism and LGBTQ+ rights, both within the Catholic Church and society as a whole. His 2010 study, "Racial Justice and the Catholic Church," was prophetic in the way it spoke about racism in religious institutions. His life and work embody a commitment to addressing issues of racism, social inequality, and LGBTQ+ rights from a spiritual and ethical perspective. In this program, Father Massingale addresses the shocking rise of white Christian nationalism, its threat to democracy and how to move forward. He challenges institutions, including the Catholic Church, to confront their own complicity in perpetuating racial disparities and to actively work towards racial justice and reconciliation. He believes in the power of open but uncomfortable conversations to bridge divides and create spaces for healing and growth. Recorded on 11/15/2023. (#39381)

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