The Human Microbiome & Autism with Rob Knight - Autism Tree Project Foundation Global Neurodiversity Conference 2023

11/17/2023; 78 minutes

Rob Knight, Ph.D., delves into the incredible world of our gut microbiome and its potential impact on our health, particularly its role in conditions like autism. By examining various dietary strategies and their effects on the gut, Knight reveals the remarkable potential of tailored diets in managing health conditions, offering hope for new, more accessible treatments. Moreover, Knight discusses the complex relationship between probiotics, their benefits, and potential risks, highlighting the importance of evidence-based choices. Knight underlines the crucial link between our diet, our gut, and our overall health, shedding light on the exciting future of microbiome-focused interventions in medicine. For parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in improving their health, this lecture provides valuable insights into how the foods we eat can be harnessed to nurture a healthier gut and, in turn, a healthier life. Recorded on 11/03/2023. (#39165)

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