CARTA: The Role of Myth in Anthropogeny - Stories of Fire: Origins, Interactions and Futures with Michael Chazan

8/19/2023; 18 minutes

As the global response to climate change drives a profound reevaluation of our interaction with fire, there's a timely opportunity to delve into the roots of our connection with combustion. Archaeologist Michael Chazan uncovers early traces of human fire usage at Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa and Evron Quarry in Israel. Chazan contends that it's more apt to consider the emergence of a dynamic bond between humans and fire rather than pinpointing a singular origin. This symbiotic relationship is defined by how fire intertwines technology and society, the tangible and intangible, adaptation and the sacred. Join us in exploring this intricate interplay, shedding light on the fusion of humanity and the elemental force that has shaped civilizations. (#39001)

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