Carver Mead - 2022 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Advanced Technology: Engineering Concepts Clarify Physical Law

4/16/2023; 71 minutes

Carver Mead is a pioneer of modern microelectronics. He proposed a new methodology, very large-scale integration (VLSI), that would make it possible for creating millions or billions of transistors on a single integrated circuit (microchip). His research investigated techniques for VLSI, designing and creating high-complexity microchips. This design process has advanced electronic technologies and transformed the lives of most of the people inhabiting our planet. Mead also paved the way to VLSI design automation and facilitating the revolutionary development of today's VLSI-based electronics and industry. For his work and contributions, Mead was awarded the 2022 Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology. In his talk entitled, "Engineering Concepts Clarify Physical Law" Mead will discuss a simplified theory that might serve as an entry point for further development by generations of young people who feel disenfranchised by the existing establishment. (#38572)

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