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What is Roku?

Roku is a small, inexpensive box that connects with your TV and enables you to enjoy streaming content (such as movies, TV shows, music) on your television through your Internet service provider. A Roku Channel is a collection of content from a particular provider, such as Netflix, huluPLUS, Amazon, Pandora...and now UCTV, available for free.

How do I buy a Roku Box?

Roku boxes are available at retail outlets such as Best Buy and Amazon (list of stores), as well as online through the Roku web site:

How do I watch UCTV on Roku?

To add the free UCTV Channel, you will need an account on and a properly installed and working Roku box (visit the Roku web site for installation support). You can find our channel in the Roku Channel Store.

To add the UCTV Channel:
  1. Visit the Roku Website and login to your account.

  2. Visit the Roku Channel Store.

  3. Enter "UCTV" in the search field, then click "+ Add channel".

Within a few minutes, your new channel will sync with your Roku box and will appear on the Roku startup page on your TV.

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