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What is Roku?

Roku is a small, inexpensive box that connects with your TV and enables you to enjoy streaming content (such as movies, TV shows, music) on your television through your Internet service provider. A Roku Channel is a collection of content from a particular provider, such as Netflix, huluPLUS, Amazon, Pandora...and now UCTV, available for free.

How do I buy a Roku Box?

Roku boxes are available at retail outlets such as Best Buy and Costco (list of stores), as well as online through the Roku web site:

How do I watch UCTV on Roku?

To add the free UCTV Channel, you will need an account on and a properly installed and working Roku box (visit the Roku web site for installation support). You can find our channel in the Roku Channel Store. Currently we are located in the "New" section, but we're also located in the "Special Interest" and "Internet TV" categories.

You can also add our channel through the Roku web site, as follows:

To add the UCTV Channel:
  1. Visit the Roku web site and login to your account:

  2. Go to "My Account".

  3. Under "Manage Account", click "Add a Private Channel", or visit:

  4. Enter the UCTV Roku Code: UCTVGOROKU -- then click "Add Channel".

  5. Confirm that you want to add the channel by clicking "Yes, Add Channel".

Within a few minutes, your new channel will sync with your Roku box. It will appear on the Roku startup page at the end of the horizontal line-up of channels.

If it doesn't appear there:
  1. Click the Channel Store button on your Roku Box.

  2. Go to "My Channels" at the very top. The UCTV Channel should appear there.

  3. Select the UCTV Channel, then click "Go to Channel".

This will open the UCTV Channel. The next time you see your horizontal list of channels on the start menu, it should appear at the end of the line-up.
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