Bruno Latour - 2021 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Arts & Philosophy, How to React to a Change in Cosmology

4/6/2022; 57 minutes

UC San Diego Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Institute of Practical Ethics, John Evans discusses the work of Kyoto Prize laureate Bruno Latour with UC San Diego Professor Emerita of Communication and Science Studies Chandra Mukerji. Latour has revolutionized the conventional view of science by treating nature, humans, laboratory equipment, and other entities as equal actors, and describing technoscience as the hybrid network of these actors. His philosophy re-examines "modernity" based on the dualism of nature and society. He has a large influence across disciplines, with his multifaceted activities that include proposals regarding global environmental issues. Included is Latour's acceptance address delivered in Kyoto on the occasion of his being honored with the prestigious award. (#37922)

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