UCTV Production Fund

Request for Proposals
Seed funding available for production of new programs to air on University of California's systemwide television channel, UCTV


Since its launch in January of 2000, the University of California Television network (UCTV) has been broadcasting educational, public interest programming from throughout the UC system to viewers across the nation.With a 24-hour Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) channel on the Dish Network and a growing presence on local cable television systems in California, UCTV can be seen in more than 9 million U.S. households. In addition, the website (www.uctv.tv) offers live video streaming and a searchable archive of more than 800 programs available as video-on-demand.

Programming contributed by the UC campuses, national labs, and the division of Agriculture and Natural Resources covers a wide array of topics and interests. Types of programs include public lectures, speeches, panels and symposia featuring UC faculty and visitors to campus, interviews, documentaries, news and magazine format programs, dance and musical performances. Program contributors range from individual faculty members to departments, centers, institutes, external communications and development units. Many productions are the result of a collaboration betweencampus entities and community institutions.


In an effort to augment and diversify the range of educational and public interest programming broadcast on UCTV, a production fund has been established to facilitate the production of new content for the channel. This fund has been created from savings within the existing UCTV budget and is available until such funds are granted or replenished. The fund is intended to provide seed monies for NEW programs or program segments. These funds are not to provide the complete funding of any one program, but rather to supplement other sources. Funds may also be used to raise production values of existing programs, although this is not a primary goal. No more than 50% of a production's costs will be provided from the UCTV Production Fund.

The UCTV production fund will enable the production of several types of programs, from the basic "C-SPAN" style event capture to the more highly produced documentary format and "magazine" style segment. One of the goals of this production fund is to enable the production of short segments that will feed a new magazine-format series.

Funding Levels
  • Lectures by faculty and visitors
         funding level - $500 to $1,200 per program

  • Performing Arts
         funding level - $700 to $1,500 per program

  • Interview based programs and documentaries
         funding level - $500 to $7,500 per program

  • Magazine segments
         funding level - $350 to $1,500 per program


Decisions will be made based on:
  • Furthering the mission of UCTV
    That the program allows the general public to participate in the life of the University and showcases UC's excellence in teaching, research, and/or public service.

  • Originality of programming
    That the program is new to the UCTV programming line up - that the speaker and topic have not recently been presented on UCTV.

  • Variety of production styles
    That productions are of various styles such as magazines, documentaries, arts performances, public lectures, panels, symposia and public speeches.

  • Variety of topics
    That programs represent many disciplines.

  • Appeal to broad or well defined audience
    That the program addresses needs or interest of viewers.

  • Equitable representation of all campuses
    That these funds assist as many campuses as possible. Programs that are multi campus or system wide are encouraged.

  • Ability of applicant to identify other funding source(s)
    That these funds are used to assist in creation of NEW productions. That the applicant can identify at least 50% of necessary funds from other sources.


Apply online. Because the lead time on many productions is short, efforts will be made to approve funds within 10 days.
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