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Expecting a new bundle of joy? From the first kicks to the first months, the Motherhood Channel is your trusted source to provide in-depth information from UC San Diego experts focused on pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of life.
Choosing a Maternity Care Provider
There are many kinds of providers who can care for you and your baby during pregnancy. Which one is right for you? Dr. Julia Cormano explains how obstetricians, certified nurse midwives, family medicine physicians, and perinatologists work with you from conception through delivery.
Which Prenatal Classes Should I Take?
As you enter your second trimester, it is time to start thinking about prenatal classes. What classes are commonly offered and how can they help you prepare for the birth of your child? Dr. Julia Cormano walks you through some of your options and shares valuable questions you can ask during each...
Understanding Miscarriage
Miscarriage is more common than most people realize. Dr. Julia Cormano walks you through the common causes of miscarriage and ways to reduce your risk. She also explains the signs and symptoms of miscarriage and when you should call your provider.
What is a Group B Strep Test?
At around 35 weeks into your pregnancy, your provider will order a Group B Strep test. What is Group B strep and how does it affect your baby? Dr. Julia Cormano explains the test, what your results mean, and how it impacts you and your baby during labor and delivery.
Zika Virus in Pregnancy
Kristen Salmeen, MD. Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, UCSF
The Future of Making Babies -- Up Next: Perspectives on the Future of Everything
What does sex have to do with human reproduction? Within the next 20 to 30 years or so, perhaps not much. At least that's how Henry T. Greely sees it. He's the Director of the Center for Law and Biosciences at Stanford University. He's also the author of a new book called The End of Sex and the...
Public Health Initiative: Meeting the Vitamin D Requirements of the Pregnant Woman and Improving Health Outcomes; NICHD Vitamin D Lactation Summary Data
Carol L. Wagner, MD, Medical University of South Carolina, discusses how vitamin D status during pregnancy varies around the globe and the implications of maternal vitamin D deficiency for both the mother and her developing fetus. Recorded on 12/10/2014.
Medications in Kids
Medication problems are greater in children and their doses must be carefully administered. Sarah Scarpace Lucas, UCSF Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist, describes drug disposition and dosing for pregnant and lactating women, infants, children and adolescents. She covers how to administer medication to...
Pregnancy: A Teachable Moment for Weight Control and Obesity - 2014 COAST/SSEW Symposium - Stress, Obesity and Pregnancy: The Next Generation
Suzanne Phelan, PhD. Associate Professor, Kinesiology Department Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Recorded on 05/20/2014.
Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Stress and Nutrition During Gestation on Offspring Adiposity and Metabolism - 2014 COAST/SSEW Symposium - Stress, Obesity and Pregnancy: The Next Generation
Pathik D. Wadhwa, MD, PhD. Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Epidemiology; Director, UC Irvine Development, Health and Disease Research Program -University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine Recorded on 05/20/2014.
Welcome and Opening Remarks - 2014 COAST/SSEW Symposium - Stress, Obesity and Pregnancy: The Next Generation
Elissa Epel PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry ; Asst Director Center for Health and Community; Director, Center for Obesity Assessment, Study and Treatment - University of California San Francisco Recorded on 05/20/2014.
How is Sleep Related to Obesity? Sleep and Weight Gain
Erica P. Gunderson, Research Scientist at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, explores the impact on weight gain and obesity in women particularly how sleep during pregnancy and postpartum impacts weight.

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