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March 5, 2021

Paving the Way for the Future – UC San Diego Geisel Library

It’s been called many things—a spaceship, a large mushroom, an enormous concrete and glass jewel held aloft by concrete fingers – the list goes on. UC San Diego's flagship building, Geisel Library, fascinates and captures the imaginations of all who encounter it, as witnessed by the numerous movies and TV programs in which it has appeared. In this virtual event a panel of experts peel back the layers of the building’s history and explore the basic architectural principles that make this icon an architectural masterpiece. The Library’s Director of Special Collections & Archives, Lynda Corey Claassen, moderates the discussion.

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Giving the Brain a Voice

The human brain is composed of billions of cells that communicate through chemical and electrical signals. Chemical signaling underlies every function of the nervous system, from those of which we are unaware to higher cognitive functions. Neurotransmitters and neuromodulators mediate communication between neurons and between neurons and non-neural cells. Until recently the means for studying these signaling agents directly has been limited in its ability to measure and record data about signaling dynamics in the brain. Now microelectrode biosensors are available that give unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution, enabling direct measurement of chemical conversations between cells in the nervous system.

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Labor and Delivery During COVID-19: What to Expect

Preparing for childbirth is a unique time, where the expectant mother faces unknowns and potential challenges. Giving birth during a pandemic elevates these uncertainties to a new level; knowing what to expect and how to prepare for it are key to a successful outcome. By way of example Dr. Julia Cormano explains what it’s like to give birth, detailing precautions such as screening of patients for infection, double masking, routine COVID testing of health care providers and staff, universal COVID testing of all patients, and more. Protocols in place for labor and delivery are also rigorously applied.

Watch Labor and Delivery During COVID-19: What to Expect

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