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June 11, 2021

Women in Leadership 2021

For 2021, UC San Diego’s annual Women in Leadership program presents a candid panel discussion honoring the legacy of Sally Ride, first American woman in space, and celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sally Ride Science. Panelists including feminist scholar and social justice advocate Brittney Cooper, astronaut and scientist Kathy Sullivan, news anchor and reporter Maria Hinojosa share with author and journalist Lynn Sherr their personal journeys, their hopes, and their visions for the future, and especially what it means to them to be leaders and inspire others. Topics include “anger as a superpower” and the need for new media perspectives.

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Combatting 911 Dispatcher Burnout

911 dispatchers often handle calls that are literally matters of life or death, so it’s not surprising that theirs is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, or that they suffer burnout at roughly twice the rate of other workers. Consequently, the profession is plagued by high turnover and recruiting difficulties. This is bad news not just for dispatchers, but for everyone needing their help and for city budgets. Researcher Elizabeth Linos at UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy believes giving dispatchers a deeper sense of community is a simple but effective way to address burnout.

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COVID-19: Science and the Public Health

The rapid development and distribution of effective COVID-19 vaccines is heartening, but public health experts warn against complacency. Though diminished in many areas, the pandemic continues to threaten community health, global economies, and political systems. Dr. George Rutherford, Salvatore Pablo Lucia professor and the head of the Division of Infectious Disease and Global Epidemiology at the School of Medicine at UC San Francisco, has been instrumental in the COVID-19 response at the local, national, and global level. Here, he weighs in on the most encouraging—and the most worrying—developments, and on what has surprised him about this pandemic.

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