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August 14, 2020

The Bishop and the Imam: A Conversation on Immigration

As the world-wide debate about migration intensifies, this conversation between Bishop Robert McElroy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego and Imam Taha Hassane of the Islamic Center of San Diego assumes greater urgency. These two religious leaders approach their discussion about Southern California-Baja California border issues as a microcosm of the struggles going on elsewhere. Both men believe that faith communities have a role to play in the crisis and that the most effective plan for moving forward should be based upon the wisdom of their respective traditions with an emphasis placed on shared spiritual values.

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Blade Runner 2019: Did Life Imitate Art?

In Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, text before the opening shot of a hyper-industrialized landscape informs us that the film is set in Los Angeles, November 2019. As was the case with George Orwell’s 1984, as that date approached scholars, pundits, and others drew comparisons between the speculative dystopia of the movie and our own reality. Scientist-futurist David Brin and renowned L.A. historian Mike Davis join author Paul M. Sammon and scholar Stephen W. Potts to give their expert and in-depth perspectives on the film’s history, its influence on modern culture, its connections to the sequel, and its enduring relevance.

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Human Adaptive Immunity Against Viral Infections

Throughout humanity’s history virulent pathogens have exerted a profound influence on their human hosts, at times helping to reshape entire societies. The factors shaping viral epidemics and adaptive resistance to them are many and varied, including population size and density, social organization, dwelling in natural versus man-made habitats, availability of medical treatment, and more. In this symposium the Salk Institute’s Susan Kaech provides an overview of the ways in which viral infections have interacted with us over the evolution of human viral immune response and affected our consideration of such things as personal hygiene and public health.

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