Sallyswag in Concert

8/11/2021; 57 minutes

Sweden is mostly known internationally for being a pop music powerhouse, but they also have an equally vibrant folk and world music scene less well known to the outside world. Sallyswag is a nine-woman power band that has taken that scene by storm, weaving together its roots in dance hall, Balkan, R&B, Swedish folk, hip-hop, and afro-beat to create an entirely original sound that's been electrifying audiences since their foundation in 2014. They took home the Newcomer of the Year award at the 2015 Swedish Folk and World Music Gala for being a "refreshing sucker punch" (approximate translation) and have been performing to rave reviews on their national circuit ever since. This was Sallyswag's first concert for a North American audience. Presented by UC Merced UpstART. (#37326)

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