Summer with CSE
Summertime! It's baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and….a bananiano?!

Well, it's UC San Diego's Department of Computer Science and Engineering, so you shouldn't expect anything near ordinary! That's Summer with UC San Diego CSE.

From High School teachers going to summer school classes to learn coding, to hyperdimensional computing to building robots and a bananiano – all while teaming up with our friends across the border, check out what summers are like with UC San Diego CSE.

Date: 9/17/2018
High school students from around the country spent part of their summer learning and living at UC San Diego. During theCOSMOSprogram, they learn from professors in the Computer Science and Engineering department. Students get to create apps, robots and lifelong memories. Some even turned bananas into a piano.

Date: 9/6/2018
Teachers are learning how coding can be an exciting and useful way to teach math. San Diego Unified School District teachers spent a week of their summer at a workshop called Bootstrap with professors from UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering. Bootstrap is a way to teach core courses, from math to social studies, using computer programming. There is even a lesson plan that lets students create their own video game. Teachers say it could be a fun new way to help their students succeed.