CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap Discussion

7/4/2016; 36 minutes

The documentary CODE addresses the gender gap in computer science, especially in coding or programming. Robin Hauser Reynolds, the director/produce of the film, is joined by an expert panel to discuss the digital divide in tech and why women and minorities pass up studying computer science that lead to lucrative careers. Panelists: Cornelia Davis (Director of Platform Engineering in the Cloud Foundry team at Pivotal), Maria Charles (Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department, UCSB), Karen K. Myers (Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Associate Dean in the Graduate Division, UCSB) and Amr El Abbadi (Professor in the Computer Science Department, UCSB) Cynthia Stohl, Professor in the Department of Communication and Director of CITS, UCSB is the moderator. Recorded on 05/05/2016. (#31018)

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