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Latest videos from UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering.
Summer With CSE: SIMS -The Summer Internships for Mexican Students Program
From hyperdimensional computing to developing recommender systems, UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering faculty reach out to bring students from computer science programs at Mexican Universities to UC San Diego for a summer of study.
Summer With CSE: COSMOS
High school students from around the country spent part of their summer learning and living at UC San Diego. During theCOSMOSprogram, they learn from professors in the Computer Science and Engineering department. Students get to create apps, robots and lifelong memories. Some even turned bananas into a piano.
Summer With CSE: The Bootstrap Program
Teachers are learning how coding can be an exciting and useful way to teach math. San Diego Unified School District teachers spent a week of their summer at a workshop called Bootstrap with professors from UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering. Bootstrap is a way to teach core courses, from math to social studies, using computer programming. There is even a lesson plan that lets students create their own video game. Teachers say it could be a fun new way to help their students succeed.
Robot Parade! Computer Science 91/42 with Professor Steve Swanson
A quick look at an innovative computer science class from the UC San Diego Department of Computer Science and Engineering that gives first year students hands-on experience in designing, building and programming their own robots.
Teaching Computer Science Online
From Bioinformatics, software design, and computer graphics to interaction design, half a dozen professors of computer science and engineering at UC San Diego have become pioneers in the world of online learning, developing some of the most highly enrolled courses for the two largest online learning platforms, Coursera and edX. They share their perspective and experience, and what online learning means for the future of learning.
The Quadcopter Class
Students build quadcopters as a capstone project, and in the process get comprehensive experience in conceiving, designing, building and programming a remote-controlled quadcopter.
Introduction to the SPIS Program at UC San Diego
A look at the summer program for incoming students conducted by UC San Diego's Computer Science and Engineering department.
Introduction to The Academy for Transfer Students at UC San Diego
A look at The Academy for Transfer Students at UC San Diego.
Rajesh Gupta: Capturing Imaginations
Rajesh Gupta describes growth of the UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering department and its approach to igniting curiousity within its students.

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