The diet soda effect of buying a fuel-efficient vehicle
Yikes — consumers often compensate for fuel-efficient cars by buying a bigger second vehicle.
New reports detail how to limit global warming, warn of ‘existential’ risk from not acting soon
Two new reports find that cutting CO2 emissions will not be enough to stop catastrophic global warming, but we have more tools at our...
UC campuses among the greenest in the country
Seven UCs are among 2017's top 50 "Cool Schools," according to Sierra Magazine.
How California's climate policies created an economic boon
Renewable energy provided more than 60,000 jobs to the Inland Empire, study finds.
How to pass laws to fight climate change
Don't say climate change — 'renewable energy' is the phrase that gets things done, study finds.
California could get wetter this century
An analysis of 38 climate models suggests the state may want to break out its umbrella.
How the Sierra Nevada could become a polluter
We rely on trees to process carbon. But wildfires and climate change could wreak havoc on that process.
Small climb in mean temperatures linked to far higher chance of deadly heat waves
UC Irvine-led analysis of data from India could have dire implications for the future.
How climate change makes us all lose sleep
Millions of nights of insufficent sleep could be created by rising temperatures, study says.
The simple fact that could put the brakes on nuclear energy
If you follow the headlines, nuclear energy seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance. A new generation of nuclear innovators is emerging...
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