UCTV Theme Channels

UCTV presents a portfolio of UCTV Theme Channels targeting niche online audiences with programming and other content highlighting the research interests of UC partners.

The Brain Channel

Explore the world of neuroscience and the secrets of the brain. Featuring interviews with renowned experts reporting on the latest innovations, discover how the brain works, technologies to harness brain power, ways to treat disease, and more.
The Career Channel

Powered by UC San Diego Extension, The Career Channel provides a public service as an unbiased provider of information, tools and experts to help college graduates with their careers.
The Computer Science Channel

Explore all that is new in the world of computer science from UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering.
The Library Channel

The UC San Diego Library presents The Library Channel, featuring interviews, author talks, mini-documentaries and other programs that will inspire you to Read, Write, Think and Dream.
The Motherhood Channel

Expecting a new bundle of joy? From the first kicks to the first months, the Motherhood Channel is your trusted source to provide in-depth information from UC San Diego experts focused on pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of life.
The STEAM Channel

The STEAM Channel is a hub for educators, industry leaders, policy makers and students looking for research and best practices in integrating arts into traditional STEM education.
The Stem Cell Channel

Stem cell science is changing medicine and our understanding of human development. The Stem Cell Channel takes you into the labs where cutting edge-research takes place, introduces you to the scientists leading the way, and breaks down how these amazing discoveries impact everyday life and health.
Sustainable California

Become part of how we are developing real-world solutions for all Californians so together we can meet the 21st century challenges of global climate change and increasing demands while maintaining California's unique biodiversity and sustaining the human and environmental health of California.
The UC Public Policy Channel

The UC Public Policy Channel provides a platform for policy makers, policy critics, and innovative policy thinkers to speak the truth clearly, convincingly, and constructively.
The UC Wellbeing Channel

Deepak Chopra, the renowned physician and global leader in mind-body medicine, partners with Jiyo and the UC San Diego School of Medicine to present evidence-based research in integrative medicine, along with the tools and practices that will lead to personal and societal wellbeing.
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