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Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer Don Phin - Job Won
Emotional intelligence is important for work at all levels. Don Phin helps executives expand, grow and adjust their careers. His lessons about coaxing, encouraging and inspiring apply to anyone in the workplace
San Diego's Workforce Partnership with Laura Kohn - Job Won
Laura Kohn, a longtime leader in the field of education, talks with Phil Blair about the San Diego Workforce Partnership and the recent Workforce Frontiers Symposium that looked at the future of work. Recorded on 11/08/2018.
Shaping a 21st Century Workforce – Is AI Friend or Foe?
Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan, identifies some of the most interesting policy ideas to address the problems of displaced workers, the skills gap and resulting inequality in an age of robots and artificial intelligence. Granholm teaches Public Policy at UC Berkeley's Goldman School and is the chair of the American Jobs Project, a multi-state research initiative on creating industrial clusters in clean energy. Recorded on 11/09/2018.
Beyond Policy: Making Workforce Dollars Work
Caroline Whistler, CEO and cofounder of Third Sector Capital,talks about the need to embrace accountability but develop innovative and flexible approaches to on-the-ground funding. She pointed out the gap between the $1 billion linked to outcomes and the $1 trillion in daily funding is the impact opportunity. Using the phrase "community up, federal down," Whistler said we need to embrace accountability but develop innovative and flexible approaches to on-the-ground funding.
2Gen: The Intersection between Workforce Development and Child Care
Emmy-winning journalist Dita QuiƱones sits down with San Diego Workforce Partnership Director of CLIMB Laura Kohn for a conversation about QuiƱones' experience as a single parent and how finding affordable quality child care has been instrumental in her being able to work after leaving an abusive relationship.
Income Sharing Agreements with Andy Hall
Andy Hall, COO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership, explores the concept of income sharing agreements (ISAs), where employers, philanthropy and impact investors pitch in for an individual's education and training tuition, which is then paid back over time out of the person's paycheck.
Workforce Frontiers Symposium
We know that the future of work is upon us AI, robotics, global markets and online innovations are driving massive changes. So, what about workforce development? Join The San Diego Workforce Partnership to explore the boundary-busting, outer reaches of workforce development where job quality, equity, outcomes and opportunity drive our support for San Diego County's job seekers. Local leaders and out-of-town renegades identify new frontiers for action.
Building and Growing Brands with Larry Gulko: Global Business Leadership Forum
Experience the remarkable insight of Larry Gulko, brand architect and strategist, Co-Host of CBS Boston's Name Brands, founder and moderator of the Harvard Business School Annual CEO Brand Leadership Roundtable. In his entertaining and engaging style, Gulko inspires audiences to take a fresh look and focus their brand. He shares his bold and disruptive strategies to build best-selling brands, create an authentic voice to unlock a market, and break through the marketing noise by being known for...
Starting Up in San Diego: The Entrepreneur's Journey with Jarrod Russell - Job Won
Building a successful start up requires more than just capital. Investment in ideas, building collaborative relationships, and forming a diverse network can often be the pivotal factors in your success. Jarrod Russell, Executive Director of Startup San Diego, shares how to go from curious to committed to crushing it in your entrepreneurial journey.
How to Build Your Network with Ben Norton - Job Won
Networking is often the key to the next step in your career. Ben Norton, CEO of 6 Degrees Networking, shares how to leverage new and existing relationships and create a meaningful give and take. He gives advices for both introverts and extroverts in today's job market.
Thriving at Work: Leadership Styles, Emotions, and Personal Strengths with Arch Fuston - Job Won
Finding the right fit in the job market goes beyond lining up your skills with the basic job description. Defining your emotional needs, evaluating the corporate culture, and developing effective communication can make the difference between getting a job and getting a job you love. Arch Fuston explains how management and employees can create better working environments and relationships.
Three Rules of Networking
Bing Chen is a digital media pioneer and entrepreneur. As a founding architect behind YouTube's multi-billion dollar global digital creator and influencer ecosystem, he was responsible for numerous groundbreaking initiatives that engaged more than 500 million content creators worldwide. Here Chen shares his three rules of job networking.
The New World of Work: Regional Competition, Adaptability, and Modern Skill Sets with Mary Walshok - Job Won
Globalization, fast-paced technological changes, and competition define today's world of work. How can companies, workers, and cities adapt and succeed? Mary Walshok, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs and Dean of Extension at UC San Diego dives into the complications and opportunities felt by all facets of the economy. Hear how developing talent across the spectrum, project-based learning, effectively bundling skills, adaptability and more can be leveraged stay relevant and in...
Career Ready and College Ready: Helping K-16 Students Succeed with Ed Abeyta - Job Won
How do we prepare today's students to enter college and the workforce? Edward Abeyta, Associate Dean, Community Engagement and Pre-College Programs at UC San Diego Extension, discusses how to effectively prepare students for success no matter their path while creating lifelong learners. Abeyta highlights community, industry, and university partnerships.
2018 New Venture Competition Finals
Since its beginning in 1999, the UCSB New Venture Competition provides a unique opportunity for UCSB students to learn how to start a business. This eight-month educational experience, with activities and curriculum spanning the entire academic year, culminates with the New Venture Finals, where the finalist teams present an investor pitch to a panel of judges for prize money. Recorded on 05/24/2018.
Veterans in the Job Market: Advice and Support with Shane Smith - Job Won
The transition from a military career to the civilian workforce can be challenging. Shane Smith, a veterans advocate and manpower analyst for the United States Marine Corps joins Phil Blair to share his experiences and expertise. Learn how to translate job duties to resume bullet points, how to begin your job search, networking opportunities and more.
Writing an Effective Resume with Trevor Blair - Job Won
Learn how your resume can open the door to the job interviews you want. The same principles apply whether you are a recent college grad or an experienced executive. Trevor Blair, Principal and Founder of Blair Search Partners, recruits for employers in all sectors of the job market. He shares how to effectively frame your accomplishments and work history, when you can break old school resume conventions, how to create a data-rich resume and incorporate keywords, when to highlight your personal...
Seeking New Opportunities - Career Transitions in Engineering: Insights from the Field
Panelists share their experiences about recently transitioning into a new opportunity, whether moving industries, changing job functions or developing a new company.
Getting Hired: A Manager's Perspective - Career Transitions in Engineering: Insights from the Field
Join senior level managers of various San Diego companies as they share the skills and experience that they are seeking from their engineering positions.
How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview with Sue Ebner - Job Won
Knowing how to sell yourself is key to the hiring process. Sue Ebner, principal at Ebner Consults, sits down with Phil Blair to explain how adapting a sales mindset can help you get the job you want. Ebner walks through the five stages of the sales process and describes the four behavioral styles that influence a job interview.
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