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Gentry Patrick: True Access to Opportunity - Opportunity Summit 2019
From the viewpoint of a community leader who made the journey from Compton to a University of California professorship, Dr. Gentry Patrick considers the difference between an open door and true access.
Radical Opportunity: Unleashing the Talent of Young Adults - Opportunity Summit 2019
Two of Americas corporations, Gap Inc. and Hyatt Hotels, have set ambitious goals for hiring, mentoring and promoting opportunity youth. Meet the women who are leading these initiatives from the c-suite and learn why these employers see opportunity youth as a strategic investment. Each leader is joined on stage by a young adult who found a career foothold through their efforts.
The Local Impact of Justice Involvement - Opportunity Summit 2019
Deme Hill discusses how to authentically engage youth. She examines justice systems and social services systems can be effective partners for change.
Laying the Groundwork: Opportunity Youth in Our Region - Opportunity Summit 2019
The OpportunitySD Leadership Council shares the latest opportunity youth data for our region and their perspective on our progress, our challenges and our promises.
Shaney jo Darden - #HerPower: Education, Vision, Empowerment
"I use art to start conversations about something that is serious and complex." Shaney jo Darden, Founder and Global Creative Chief of The Keep A Breast Foundation, shares her journey in the world of art and activism. As someone who has carved out a career path focused on community and compassion, she stresses the importance discovering your unique talents and finding a place for them in your everyday work. Recorded on 03/12/2019.
Finding Your Unique Career Path - #HerPower: Education, Vision, Empowerment
A panel of distinguished speakers shares their inspiring vision and experiences, while bringing awareness to the issues faced by women working in nontraditional fields and industries. Recorded on 03/12/2019.
Ongoing Help from College Career Center with Kris Hergert - Job Won
If you aren't an undergraduate at UC San Diego there are still services you can take advantage of at the Career Center at UC San Diego. Kris Hergert, executive director, talks with Phil Blair about offerings for alumni, extension students and other non-traditional students, such as veterans, at the Career Center.
Career Planning for College Students with Kris Hergert - Job Won
You may not have your career goals figured out when you start college but you can get help from a college career center to start to plan for your future.
Kris Hergert, executive director of the Career Center at UC San Diego, talks with Phil Blair about his work preparing students for their careers. He reminds students that it's never too early to start planning for the future. From summer internships to plans for graduate school, college career centers are a great resource...
Careers in Technology with Svetislav Maric - Job Won
There are a variety of careers in the technology field that are potentially interesting to many. Find out about career paths in engineering and IT. From coding bootcamp to cybersecurity find out how to start or change your career.
UCSF Health Hub: A New Healthcare Growth Studio
Health Hub is designed to help UCSF inventors get the support and professional development they need to grow and build successful companies. UCSF aims to translate its scientific ideas and advances in healthcare into deliverable breakthroughs that will promote the health of the community and the advancement of science generally. Recorded on 10/25/2018.
Improving The Quality of Your Decisions
Prior to becoming a professional poker player, Annie was awarded the National Science Foundation Fellowship. Through this fellowship, she studied Cognitive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, which eventually led to her current book, Thinking In Bets. Here, Annie explores bad experiences as opportunities to learn from.
Careers in Sustainability and Green Jobs with Robert Gilleskie - Job Won
Find out what career paths are available in the area of sustainability. Green jobs are everywhere and provide an opportunity for people to positively impact the environment while advancing their careers. Robert Gilleskie, with more than 30 years experience in energy management and power quality, explores meaningful jobs.
Careers in Education with Morgan Appel - Job Won
Opportunities are abundant in the education field and not only as a classroom teacher. Find out about the skills you need and the future jobs in the field with Morgan Appel, the director of the Department of Education and Behavioral Sciences at UC San Diego Extension.
Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer Don Phin - Job Won
Emotional intelligence is important for work at all levels. Don Phin helps executives expand, grow and adjust their careers. His lessons about coaxing, encouraging and inspiring apply to anyone in the workplace.
San Diego's Workforce Partnership with Laura Kohn - Job Won
Laura Kohn, a longtime leader in the field of education, talks with Phil Blair about the San Diego Workforce Partnership and the recent Workforce Frontiers Symposium that looked at the future of work. Recorded on 11/13/2019.
Shaping a 21st Century Workforce – Is AI Friend or Foe?
Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan, identifies some of the most interesting policy ideas to address the problems of displaced workers, the skills gap and resulting inequality in an age of robots and artificial intelligence. Granholm teaches Public Policy at UC Berkeley's Goldman School and is the chair of the American Jobs Project, a multi-state research initiative on creating industrial clusters in clean energy. Recorded on 11/09/2018.
Beyond Policy: Making Workforce Dollars Work
Caroline Whistler, CEO and cofounder of Third Sector Capital,talks about the need to embrace accountability but develop innovative and flexible approaches to on-the-ground funding. She pointed out the gap between the $1 billion linked to outcomes and the $1 trillion in daily funding is the impact opportunity. Using the phrase "community up, federal down," Whistler said we need to embrace accountability but develop innovative and flexible approaches to on-the-ground...
2Gen: The Intersection between Workforce Development and Child Care
Emmy-winning journalist Dita Quiñones sits down with San Diego Workforce Partnership Director of CLIMB Laura Kohn for a conversation about Quiñones' experience as a single parent and how finding affordable quality child care has been instrumental in her being able to work after leaving an abusive relationship.
Income Sharing Agreements with Andy Hall
Andy Hall, COO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership, explores the concept of income sharing agreements (ISAs), where employers, philanthropy and impact investors pitch in for an individual's education and training tuition, which is then paid back over time out of the person's paycheck.
Workforce Frontiers Symposium 2018
We know that the future of work is upon us—AI, robotics, global markets and online innovations are driving massive changes. So, what about workforce development? Join The San Diego Workforce Partnership to explore the boundary-busting, outer reaches of workforce development where job quality, equity, outcomes and opportunity drive our support for San Diego County's job seekers. Local leaders and out-of-town renegades identify new frontiers for action.
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