Siblings of Neurodiversity - Autism Tree Project Foundation Global Neurodiversity Conference 2023

12/28/2023; 58 minutes

Join us for an eye-opening and heartfelt exploration of the intricate world surrounding autism, focusing on an often-overlooked perspective: the experiences of siblings. This compelling show delves deep into the lives of individuals whose stories are intricately woven with the journey of their autistic siblings, offering a poignant and illuminating portrayal of their challenges, triumphs, and the unbreakable bond that ties them together.


Giacomo Vivanti, Ph.D.
Drexel University

Jeniece Stewart-Dortch
Special Needs Siblings Inc.

Heather Nuske, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

Eric Goll
Empowering Ability Recorded on 11/03/2023.

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