San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
An in-depth look at labor market information and regional workforce development initiatives underway across San Diego County. Educators, community-based organizations, career counselors and community leaders discuss how to turn research into action.
Our Region Today and Tomorrow: Priority Sector Updates - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Learn how educators and businesses can come together to help students find their way in the world of work.
San Diego and Imperial Valley's Regional Community College Efforts - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Dr. Sunita Cooke, Superintendent and President, MiraCosta Community College District, discusses career education at California community colleges. She emphasizes the importance of community colleges working with each other, government, and employers to create effective programs and career opportunities.
Mission-Driven Pathways: The Nonprofit Sector - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
What is the economic impact of the nonprofit sector and what are the emerging job opportunities? Leaders in the field share insights into the nonprofit job landscape and the skills needed for job seekers.
Leveraging a Teacher Shortage: Strategic Opportunities for Regional Benefit - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Beth Kransberger, Director of the Teacher Inclusion Pathway Program at National University, shares how the current teacher shortage can be leveraged for social and economic growth. She also discusses her vision for teaching as community leadership, teaching as justice leadership, and teaching as justice and equity work.
Becoming an Everyday Hero: The Public Sector - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
How can you get a job working for your city? What is the best path to become a teacher? What qualities make for a great fire and rescue worker? From building inspectors, to police officer, administrative and engineering positions the public sector has many opportunities to offer. A panel of experts shares what they look for when hiring and how to find the right job for you.
More Than a First Job: Tourism - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Entry level jobs in the tourism industry can be a springboard into many career paths. Opportunities to advance within a company and training programs are abundant. Learn what hiring managers in this industry are looking for, the skills you need to be successful, and how to turn a job into a career.
Applications to Practice: What To Do With All Of This Research? - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Joe Xavier, director of the California Department of Rehabilitation, shares his personal story of finding a career path as an individual with a disability. He explains the unique challenges people with disabilities face when entering the workforce, finding sustained employment, and staving off poverty. He stresses the need for early career exploration and maintaining an infrastructure to support people in the workforce.
Vision for Success with Eloy Oakley - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Eloy Oakley, Chancellor of California Community Colleges, discusses the challenges of community colleges partnering with the workforce. He outlines the goals of the Vision for Success document that addresses the how community colleges can be effective tools for providing social and economic mobility.
Elevating California's Irregular Workforce - San Diego Workforce Conference 2017
Wingham Rowan, director of Beyond Jobs, shares new insights and technology that can improve the lives of people involved in irregular work and create a healthy labor market.

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