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Friday July 19, 2024

A hallmark of every developed nation is the provision of a social safety net – a collection of public programs that deliver aid to the poor. Because of their higher rates of poverty, children are often a major beneficiary of safety net programs. Compared to other countries, the U.S. spends less on antipoverty programs and, consequently, has higher child poverty rates. Professor Hilary Hoynes discusses the emerging research that examines how the social safety net affects children's life trajectories. The long run benefits are significant for the families, but also show that many programs prove to be excellent public investments. This has implications for current policy discussions such as the expanded Child Tax Credit. Recorded on 11/09/2022.
Primetime Tonight (Pacific)

Schedule for 7/19/2024
12:00 AM Capturing Late-Onset Neurodegeneration in Patient-Derived Neurons via Direct Reprogramming - Breaking News in Stem Cells
1:00 AM CARTA: Female and Male Genital Modification with Ellen Gruenbaum
1:30 AM Understanding the Red Tide Phenomenon
3:00 AM Walter Capps and the Study of Religion (Part 1)
4:30 AM A Conversation with Sylvia Acevedo, Chelsea Clinton, Jedidah Isler, and Lynn Sherr
6:00 AM Trauma-Focused Therapy for People with Developmental Disabilities
7:00 AM Communication Rights and Self-Direction for People with Developmental Disabilities
7:30 AM The Miraculous Healing Power of Food with Anthony Lim - Lee Tuh-Fuh And Ruby Lee Wang Zu-Ming Endowed Lecture
9:00 AM The Social Safety Net as an Investment in Children with Hilary Hoynes
10:30 AM Preparing High School Students to Apply to College - The Road to College
11:30 AM The Uncharted Mind: Gender Diversity Drives Scientific Discovery
12:00 PM CARTA presents Impact of Early Life Deprivation on Cognition – Charles A. Nelson, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, Ann Masten
1:00 PM Jewish Music - From Bessarabia to Broadway - Lytle Memorial Concert
3:00 PM Sacred and Sublime - La Jolla Symphony and Chorus
4:00 PM Where There's Wildfire, There's Smoke
5:00 PM CWC Docs: György Kepes: Interthinking Art + Science
6:00 PM Exploring Modern Communities
8:00 PM CWC Docs: György Kepes: Interthinking Art + Science
9:00 PM Exploring Modern Communities
11:00 PM Ian Hamilton Finlay: UNDA - A Conversation with Stuart Collection at UC San Diego
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