Alzheimer's Disease
The oncoming epidemic of Alzheimer's disease is staggering to consider. It will have an enormous impact on our personal lives, our communities, and our nation. Join us to explore treatment options, innovations in research, and so much more.
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Investigation About Alzheimer's Disease in the Latino Community (English Subtitles)
Alex Figueroa and Dr. Jose Soria-Lopez discuss clinical symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and the need to include the Latino community in clinical research.
Investigación sobre la Enfermedad de Alzheimer en la Comunidad Latina
Este es el primer episodio en español de la Universidad de San Diego California sobre la investigación de la Enfermedad de Alzheimer Demencia en la comunidad latina. En este episodio Alex Figueroa y el Dr. Jose Soria-Lopez conversan sobre los síntomas clínicos y la necesidad de incluir la comunidad latina en investigaciones clínicas sobre esta enfermedad. Se mencionan maneras de combatir la enfermedad y recursos sociales que están...
What Role Do Genetics Play in Alzheimer’s? - On Our Mind
There are different types of genetic influences on people's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Douglas Galasko, MD, of the UCSD Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss these genes, how they are being studied, and what being a carrier of Alzheimer's associated genes means. Learn more about penetrance and expressivity, genome-wide association studies, and more.
The Quest for Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease with Eric Siemers - On Our Mind
Eric Siemers, MD, Distinguished Medical Fellow at Eli Lilly and Company joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss clinical trails for Alzheimer's disease. He explains the trial design, results, and future implications of the EXPEDITION3 trial for people with with mild dementia due to Alzheimer's disease. Learn more about potential treatments in the clinical trials pipeline that may impact both the symptoms and pathologies of Alzheimer's disease.
The Oncoming Epidemic of Alzheimer's Disease with Maria Carrillo - On Our Mind
As baby boomers age, an unprecedented number of people will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The economic and social impacts will be wide reaching from cost of treatment to the effect on caregivers. Maria Carrillo, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer's Association joins Willliam Mobley. MD, PhD to discuss what can be done and how government, industry and the Alzheimer's Association are working together on larger scale trials and innovative projects. Recorded on...
Research Ethics and Advancing the Future of Alzheimer's Disease Research with Ara Khachaturian - On Our Mind
Ara Khachaturian, PhD, chair and president of the National Biomedical Research Ethics Council joins WIilliam Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss the evolution of biomedical research in Alzheimer's disease and the ethical standards needed to maintain excellent patient care. From institutional review boards (IRB) to industry and academic partnerships, learn how we can support and maintain effective research infrastructure.
Getting to 2025 for Alzheimer's Disease with Phyllis Ferrell - On Our Mind
Phyllis Ferrell, Vice President and Global Development Leader for
Alzheimer's Disease at Eli Lilly and Company joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to talk about the goal set forth in the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease to "prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer's disease by 2025." Ferrell's shares her work to make Alzheimer's dementia preventable by finding ways to slow disease progression and advocating for early diagnosis. Recorded on 12/8/2016.
Caregiver Concerns: Wandering, Home Safety, and More - On Our Mind
Six in ten people with dementia will wander. Hear about the programs that are available to help bring them home safe. Linda Cho, executive director of Stellar care, joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss the problem of wandering and how to create a home environment that facilitates safety and comfort.
Hope and Help for Alzheimer’s Disease: Supporting Patients and Families - On Our Mind
How can communities better support the growing number of people affected by Alzheimer's disease? Mary Ball, president and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association, San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss how her organization is trying to make a difference through information, support, and partnerships with local government.
Residential Care and Alzheimer’s Disease - On Our Mind
Choosing residential care for a loved one if often a difficult decision. Linda Cho, executive director of Stellar care, joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to talk about the new models of residential care, family involvement, care with dignity and more.
Neuroimaging Advances for Alzheimer's Disease - On Our Mind
What insights into Alzheimer's disease can cutting edge imaging techniques reveal? James Brewer, MD, PhD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss how this unique wiindow into the brain can be used to study the progression of the disease as well as help test new therapies.
Embracing Innovation: Discovering New Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease - On Our Mind
How can we create more effective drugs for Alzheimer's disease? Michael Jackson, PhD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss the process of turning an idea into a drug. Creating connectivity between basic scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and the physicians on the front lines is a critical step as is embracing new ideas that may lead us to new therapeutic options.
Seeking the Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease - On Our Mind
The biomarkers for many diseases can be found through blood tests, can Alzheimer's disease eventually be diagnosed this way? Douglas R. Galasko, MD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss the search for these biomarkers and how they might one day lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses of the disease, improved therapies, clear maps of progression, and much more.
Darlene Shiley: A Caregiver’s Journey - On Our Mind
Caring for a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming. Dealing with the day to day realities while managing your own mental and physical well being is a constant challenge. Darlene Shiley cared for her late husband as he dealt with dementia. She shares her story with Dr. William Mobley and stresses the importance of palliative care.
Stem Cells and Alzheimer's Disease - On Our Mind
Can stem cells be a weapon in the fight against Alzheimer's disease? Larry Goldstein, PhD director the the UC San Diego Stem Cell Program, joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss how stem cells work and what possibilities they may unlock.
Agenda: Alzheimer’s Disease Cure and Care - On Our Mind
There are more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease. The impacts are felt not only by the patients but by their family, their caregivers, and the community at large. San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss how we can better manage this disease from a public policy standpoint.
Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease - On Our Mind
How do you know when memory problems become more than just problems? Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease can be challenging but new tests and scientific insight are making the process simpler and more accurate. Michael Rafii, MD, PhD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss when to see a doctor, what to expect during the diagnosis process, and other valuable information for patients and their families.
The Anatomy of Memory - On Our Mind
How do we create and store memories? Larry Squire PhD joins William Mobley MD, PhD to dissect these processes and how we might use this knowledge to aid in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.
Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease - On Our Mind
By the age of 40, nearly all people with Down syndrome have the plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease. Michael Rafii, MD, PhD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss why this occurs, the prevalence and progression of Alzheimer's disease, potential treatment models and current research affecting this predisposed population.
The Role of Synapses in Memory - On Our Mind
Can lost memories be found? Is it possible to erase a memory from the brain? Roberto Malinow, MD, PhD joins William Mobley MD,PhD to discuss his recent study where memories were not only erased but restored in rats. Learn about how synapses in the brain function and how findings of this study could lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
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